Hogansville Haunted House

Sorry, we are no longer operating

We regret having to announce that the Hogansville House of Horrors haunted house is no more. The simple explanation is that it has been harder and harder to get enough volunteers to put on a good and proper show. A haunted house is theater, and it takes a lot of people to make it happen. The House of Horrors was a fundraiser, and has always been 100% volunteer-driven.
Many people deserve thanks for the success we've had, starting with the people who spent their hard-earned money to go through the house, including many who brought their children and came back year after year. We were the first haunted house experience for many kids, and we scared the heck out of plenty of adults too. Thank you.
A lot of local volunteers (too many to attempt naming them all) were instrumental in clearing the space, establishing the maze and sets, installing all the lighting and props, and all the rest. (A few people in particular donated a LOT of their time.) Every year, volunteers came out in full costume, at their own expense, to be actors in the show. We had a great website, 100% volunteer built and hosted. Every year, one person drove up and down I-85 giving out flyers. Two different school clubs from Callaway High (students, teachers, parents) were a big help the past few years.
Even though it is sad to say goodbye, we have to count this whole thing as a big success--but you can never have enough volunteers.

This tour through the bowels of a HAUNTED THEATER
is not for the faint of heart!

It’s creepy—it’s old—it’s HAUNTED!
The Old Royal Theater of Hogansville is stirring in its mouldering grave. Entities are rising from the dust and debris of the decades—and you may have to meet them FACE TO FACE!!
You can explore these haunted tunnels yourself, for 4 terror-filled nights in October, if you are brave enough—or foolish enough.
This is no place for the faint of heart!

Thank you for your support!